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About Us

Find out more about the Student Startup Hub, the mission and values  that drive us as well as our past events.

Our Story.

We like to call ourselves explorers, innovators and creators.

The Student Startup Hub was created by eleven innovators who wanted to shorten the gap between having an idea and its realisation. It is meant to be an engaging space for all your ideas, even the craziest. If you have a business idea or are interested in entrepreneurship, innovation and personal growth, join our events and share your passions with other inspiring and ambitious students. 


Our Mission.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain.

The Student Startup Hub’s mission is to become the greatest network for innovators, creators and entrepreneurs. Accordingly, we want to build a culture and provide a space where like-minded people can meet. For us there is more than just being innovative, it’s about being innovative together.

Our Values.


In the first place the Student Startup Hub is all about connections. A diverse network that stands for sharing and togetherness through the connection of value, competences, experiences, insights, knowledge, wishes, ideas, dreams, motivations, desires, visions, thoughts, passions, innovations, resources, backgrounds, purposes, lifes and a lot more.


Inspiration and personal growth, in our opinion, are very much connected. Accordingly, we believe that there is always time to inspire or be inspired, share thoughts, expertise and knowledge, push each other to thrive and grow as well as keep on learning for oneself and others. 


For us, entrepreneurship means spreading new ideas, developing innovation, embracing creative destruction, participating in technological change, rethinking processes, services and products, finding optimizations and creative solutions but also designing, launching and running new businesses for a better future.

Our Past Events.

Interested in our work? Here is a selection of past events. 

Let's Talk - Female Entrepreneurship


The aim of this event was to further enlighten and promote the topic of female entrepreneurship as well as to give the chance to connect and be inspired through hands-on insights and experiences from local as well as national female entrepreneurial players. This event included a panel as well as a workshop & mingle activity.

TEDx Public Speaker Micke Hermansson helped us improve our Presentation Skills

Student Startup Hub är stolta att presentera en föreläsning med TEDx-talare Micke Hermansson om presentationsfärdigheter! Vill du bli inspirerad och samtidigt få konkreta verktyg att presentera och hålla tal? Vill du lyssna på Europas bästa TEDx talare 2016? Eller vill du kanske bara träffa en lokal kändis? Då är detta event något för dig!

Mötesplats Social Innovation


Social Innovation has clear links to several global goals in Agenda 2030 and can contribute to solving some of the challenges we are facing. This event was organized together with Venture Cup, where 4 speakers (from Coompanion, Tensaii, Umeå municipality and the Umeå University Innovation Office) talked about the topic of social innovations made in Västerbotten and explained how everyone can contribute through developing simple business models that solve local societal needs. 

Per Holknekt i Umeå - Kan jag, kan dum, kan vem som helst


Student Startup Hub presenterar tillsammans med Innovation Boot Camp; Per Holknekt.

Per har inte bara startat 32 bolag, varav ett börsnoterades och värderades till en miljard kronor, han har också levt som hemlös och förlorat både jobb och familj pga. missbruk. Per har en unik förmåga att förvandla aska till eld. Med sin djupa kunskap och långa erfarenhet inom bolagsutveckling, varumärkesarbete och strategier samt entreprenörskap förmedlar Per utöver inspiration, skratt och tårar värdefulla nycklar, lärdomar, insikter och metoder som enkelt kan användas och appliceras på precis vem och vad som helst.

Be Your Own Boss


Life pressures, life changes and everything else we have to deal with; could be tests around the corner, a daunting thesis, preparation after student life – are we ever ready? Fredrik Wernstedt, a motivational speaker, a coach, founder and CEO of Wernstedt Real Management has a set of tools for us to deal with for such transitions. This event was all about inspiration and taking charge of the changes we encounter daily LIKE A BOSS!


AfterWork with the Startup Hub

MAY 2019
This last event of the semester hosted three inspiring entrepreneurs that talked about motivation, positive thinking and their visions for the future. For this occasion our entrepreneurial guest were; Gunbritt Nyberg (Senioruthyrning of Sweden); Tobias Gruffman (Zlingit, F1 Step, Företagspartner i Norr, etc.) and Hanna Hörnlund (Mina Mål UF).